Raw Emotion, Creative Expression

A creative journey capturing raw, unbridled emotion
through the art of photography... 

Session Styles

The complete range of photoshoot options available.

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Relaxed style, candid photoshoots capturing unique intimate moments.

Fun, messy and oh so sweet.

1.5hr Sessions | 75 - 100 Images 



Freycinet - Ingam Extended Family-26.JPG

Family - Extended

A combination of both candid and structured photography sessions. Can include furry friends and extended family members. 

1.5hr Sessions | 75 - 125 Images


Freycinet - Ingam Extended Family-76.JPG
Laura - Maternity -47.JPG
Laura - Maternity -47.JPG


Celebrating women and their bodies as they progress through pregnancy.

Relaxed, private, utterly precious.

Ideal between 36-40 weeks gestation.

45min Sessions | 50 - 75 Images



Slow, relaxed, intimate. Cherished memories that will last a life-time. 

Ideal between day 1-15 postpartum.

1hr Sessions | 75 - 100 Images


Maddie, Brendan & Baby Winston-48.JPG
The Correy Family-42.JPG

Maternity / Newborn

A combination package to include both aspects of the maternity journey. Simplifying the option so you can rest easy. 

45min Maternity Session /

1 hr Newborn Session 


Mini Shoot - Limited Series

A temporary, limited series of summer even photoshoots.


Summer Eve Mini Shoots

Late afternoon. Golden hour sun. Beach side. Sounds like a dream!

Or, just perfect conditions for soft, emotive mini photoshoot sessions in the bliss of summer. 

A perfect gift idea or reason to update the socials.

| 30 minute sessions | Jan - March |

| Thursday Evenings 7-9pm |

| 35 images | $295

Limited availability